Can Yogurt Help Your Teeth?

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Yogurt has some potential to help both your teeth and your mouth. It can provide some nutrients that your teeth can use and may possibly help you with preventing cavities and bad breath.

Yogurt has some decent amounts of protein and calcium. Both of them can help your teeth remain strong by keeping the enamel in good shape.

Some of you may know that yogurt contains probiotics, which are good bacteria basically. The probiotics may help you simply by living inside your mouth. They can take up the living space and make it difficult for unhealthy bacteria settle to find a home. With less space to work with, the unhealthy bacteria can have less opportunity to form cavities and cause bad breath.

In order to get more of these benefits, you may need to pick yogurts with less sugar in them. The unhealthy bacteria gobbles up sugar, which helps them produce acids that form cavities. Reducing sugar can reduce this problem. We also encourage you to keep brushing and flossing, as they are always important.

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