Dr. Ryan Ross can provide you with a beautiful dental crown or bridge to renew your smile after your teeth have been damaged or extracted. Your crown or bridge is designed specifically for you, so you can count on receiving a restoration that matches your smile perfectly. To schedule your consultation with our dentist, and to learn more about dental crowns and bridges in San Luis Obispo, California, please call our office at 805-541-5800.

Dental crowns, or caps, are designed to fit over the entire visible portion of your tooth. They are often recommended when a tooth is fractured or severely decayed, and they work to prevent further damage from occurring while also restoring the appearance and function of the tooth. Crowns may also be used to cap an implant post.

Dental bridges are used to close the gaps in your smile, and they are fixed permanently in the mouth by placing crowns on the adjacent teeth. Bridges also prevent your remaining teeth from shifting out of place, ensuring that you maintain a healthy bite as well as a beautiful smile.

Like all restorations, your crown or bridge may eventually need to be replaced as it wears out. Our dentist will continue to monitor your oral health and your restoration during your regular appointments to ensure that your smile stays as beautiful as possible.

Please contact the office of Ryan M. Ross, DDS, INC. today for more information, and to make your appointment. We look forward to helping you smile!