Do You Know What an Abscess is and How to Treat It?

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Do you have a painful abscess in the mouth that’s stopping you from enjoying foods and even speaking? This pus-filled area can be the outcome of an infection when bacteria enters an irritated or hurt part of the mouth, usually causing pain and swelling. Our professionals at Ryan M. Ross, DDS want you to get the care you need for your abscess, whether it’s tooth or gum-related.

So it doesn’t affect the jaw bone, teeth, and surrounding tissues, abscesses need to be looked at by your dentist as soon as possible. Pain, swelling, redness in the gums, a gross taste in the mouth, or even a fever are signs of an abscess in your mouth. One of the following treatments should treat the abscess if you have one:

– A professional cleaning between the teeth and gums and teeth (sometimes the result of gum disease)
– Drain the infection of anything that could cause further infection
– Antibiotics, to destroy the infection
– A root canal treatment (this may be needed if there is extensive decay or even a cracked tooth).

To avoid an abscess, keep a daily dental care schedule (this includes daily flossing and brushing) and visit our office in San Luis Obispo, California, for a biannual exam. Give Dr. Ryan Ross’s office a call at 805-541-5800 to get your healthiest and most comfortable smile yet!