Fluoride Can Make Your Teeth an Impenetrable Fortress Against Bacteria

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The important role of tooth enamel is to protect the inner tooth tissues with its strong mineral density and to provide your teeth the strength to bite and chew food. Weakened tooth enamel can allow bacteria into the inner tooth area and cause you to develop tooth decay. Fluoride strengthens weak tooth enamel to fortify the teeth against tooth decay and other dental problems.

Weakened tooth enamel can occur from having a lot of acidic food in your diet, struggle with poor oral hygiene, or don’t have much exposure to fluoride. If your routine dental checkup reveals signs of weak tooth enamel, Dr. Ryan Ross may recommend professional fluoride treatment to improve the quality of your tooth.

If your tooth enamel is a frequent concern, we can also provide prescription fluoride supplements as either a fluoride toothpaste, a mouthrinse, or sublingual gels or tabs. Ingestible fluoride supplements need to be taken as instructed to ensure you can enjoy the full benefits of fluoride treatment. You may want to apply fluoride mouthwash or gel right before bed or when you won’t be eating or drinking for at least half an hour.

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