Focus Your Smile on Dental Bridges

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Did you know that permanent tooth prosthetics exist that could be installed in your mouth without the use of screws? If you would like a tooth prosthetic that is mounted into your smile by linking or attaching it to nearby and neighboring teeth, your best option is dental bridges. A dental bridge, also known as a fixed partial denture, is a tooth prosthetic that typically is comprised of resin or porcelain to replace missing teeth with tooth-like substitutes that can function well for the rest of your life.

Dental bridges are extremely helpful because they can fill in gaps left behind by missing or lost teeth. If these gaps are left untreated, they can become havens for plaque buildup and bacteria to manifest. In addition, when you lose a tooth, your jawbone can weaken. This can cause other healthy teeth to begin to rotate and move out of position as your gums are loosening.

In order to restore the look of your natural smile, it is important to make sure that all teeth are accounted for. Once a dental bridge in place and your smile is complete once more, it will look much more natural and healthy. In addition, dental bridges can be used to restore lost functions associated with speech impediments, or chewing and eating food, if these hindrances had occurred due to tooth loss.

Your bite force is often dependent on having a complete smile. Dental bridges can help restore missing teeth that may have been lost due to missing teeth. In addition, it may have led to malocclusions and tooth movements if your teeth that have been missing for awhile. Dental bridges can then, once again, set your teeth back into the natural alignment and allow your bite stability to function naturally once again.

Never give up on your smile or your oral health care until you have visited with our dentist and learned more about dental bridge replacements. To book an appointment with Ryan M. Ross, DDS, by contacting us at our dentist office in San Luis Obispo, California. Our number is 805-541-5800. Dr. Ryan Ross and our entire team look forward to your visit.