Maintain a Happy Smile with Dental Anxiety Treatments

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Are you neglecting your oral health care due to the potential concern with visiting your dentist? If so, you suffer from a common condition known as dental anxiety. There are many forms of dental anxiety, and some can be even be instigated at the dentist office. If you often feel stressed or anxious about receiving oral health care treatments, talk to us about it and we can discuss your potential recovery and treatment methods.

Dental anxiety can often be linked to stress and nervousness you feel about any oral health care procedures that may be incoming. If you are afraid of any pain that you may feel, your dentist can apply a sedative to help calm and relax you. In many cases, sedatives can be applied to ensure no pain will be felt. In addition, you are welcome to hold a stress ball, a squeeze ball, or a fidget spinner to help you relax.

Various forms of meditation and yoga have been shown to help calm those with anxiety. In addition, listening to relaxing music while visualizing yourself at a happy place, or working on breathing slowly and deeply have all been shown to help calm patients. If you still suffer from anxiety, be sure to speak up with your dentist so we can help you with appropriate treatments and service offerings.

If you are in need of dental anxiety treatments in San Luis Obispo, California, come visit Ryan M. Ross, DDS for a comprehensive exam or cleaning. To schedule an appointment, you can ring our dentist office at 805-541-5800. Under the guiding hand of Dr. Ryan Ross and our team, we can help to repair and restore your smile.